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1. NickName/Name: Blue# SavageMarge

2. Age (minimum 16): 15-16 age

3. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1785935796

4. Do you have experience in AMX (years/months)?: 3-4 years

5. GameTracker link with hours (required):-

6. Can you help financially (YES/NO):  If necessary, than yes

7. Have you read the regulation? (Key word): OnlyLegends

8. TeamSpeak 3 (MANDATORY) ?: TeamSpeak 3 And DISCORD

9. Why do you want admin?:  To help players and save the CV from coding!

10. Method of contact:1785935796

11. When can you access the server (Day/Night)?: Day and Night

12. Do you agree to read the special list for Grades? (YES/NO): Yes

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